FLOKI Token is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency with a growing community of investors and users. In order to increase engagement and provide additional incentives for token holders, the FLOKI Token team decided to develop a secured staking platform. This platform would consist of separate smart contracts for staking, rewards distribution, a multiplier system, and a fee calculator. This case study outlines the development process and key features of this staking platform.


Create a secure and user-friendly staking platform for FLOKI Token holders. Implement a rewards distribution mechanism to incentivize long-term stakers. Develop a multiplier system to encourage larger stake commitments. Design a fee calculator to manage transaction fees and maintain platform sustainability.

Development Process

Staking Contract

The staking contract was designed to allow users to lock their FLOKI Tokens for a specified period. Key features include:

  • Users can stake any amount of FLOKI Tokens
  • Staking periods range from a few days to several years
  • Staked tokens are locked and cannot be withdrawn until the end of the chosen period
  • Stakers receive a staking certificate as proof of their commitment
  • The contract ensures the security of staked tokens through robust smart contract coding practices
  • Stakers can opt-in or out of the rewards distribution and multiplier systems

Rewards Distribution

To incentivize staking, a rewards distribution contract was developed. It provides the following functionalities:

  • Periodic rewards distribution to stakers based on the amount and duration of their stakes
  • The distribution of rewards in FLOKI Tokens to the stakers’ wallets
  • Stakers can choose to reinvest their rewards or withdraw them
  • A penalty mechanism to deter early unstaking
  • Transparency in reward calculations to build trust among the staking community

Multiplier System

A multiplier contract was implemented to encourage larger and longer-term stakes. Key features include:

  • Stakers earn multipliers based on the duration of their stake and the amount of tokens locked
  • Multipliers are calculated dynamically and increase the longer the tokens are staked
  • Users can check their current multipliers through a user-friendly interface.
  • The multiplier system helps lock tokens for extended periods, providing stability to the FLOKI Token ecosystem.

Fee Calculator

A fee calculator contract was designed to manage transaction fees and ensure the sustainability of the staking platform. It includes the following functionalities:

  • Calculation of fees for staking and unstaking operations.
  • Fees are used to fund ongoing development and maintenance of the platform.
  • Transparent display of fees before users confirm transactions.
  • A mechanism to adjust fees based on the network’s congestion.

Security and Audits:

Security was a top priority throughout the development process. All contracts underwent rigorous security audits by third-party experts to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities. Audits included thorough code reviews, vulnerability assessments, and risk analysis.

Launch and Community Engagement:

The staking platform was launched, accompanied by an informative and engaging marketing campaign. The FLOKI Token community was actively involved in the testing phase and provided feedback to improve the user experience. User guides and tutorials were created to ensure that even non-technical users could participate in staking.


The secured staking platform for FLOKI Token achieved remarkable success:

  • A significant increase in the number of long-term holders due to the rewards and multiplier systems.
  • A more engaged and active community of FLOKI Token holders.
  • A reliable fee calculator that ensures the sustainability of the platform.
  • Enhanced trust and confidence among users due to the security audits.

Future Developments

The FLOKI Token team continues to enhance the platform based on user feedback and evolving blockchain technology. Future developments may include integrating other tokens, expanding the staking options, and further improving the user interface.


In conclusion, the development of the secured staking platform for FLOKI Token has proven to be a significant milestone in the growth and engagement of the FLOKI Token community, with a focus on security, transparency, and user-friendliness. This case study showcases the successful implementation of a staking platform, rewards distribution, a multiplier system, and a fee calculator to provide a comprehensive staking experience for token holders.